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Spectrophotometric - Acetoacetate

Acetoacetate reagents set


The Acetoacetate reagents set from diagnotix • •• gives a fast and accurate quantitative measurement, for which only a minimal sample is needed.

Directly after deriving the sample, only deproteinization is needed to stop the production of Acetoacetate. After which the sample can immediately be measured in the automatic spectrophotometer. β-HBA, Lactate and Pyruvate can be measured in the same sample, making it less a burden for the (often very young) patients. Depending on the analyzer a blood sample of 500 µl is more than sufficient.

The test is calibrated with a 3-point calibration with a serum matrix to simulate the matrix of the samples as much as possible. To be able to continuously guarantee the quality of the test, it is possible to provide a 3-level control with this same matrix.

Product benefits

  • Liquid 3-point calibrator with serum matrix
  • Minimal amount of blood required
  • 4 different methods in same sample possible

Clinical relevance

The determination of β-HBA levels in blood, and especially the ratio between β-HBA and Acetoacetate, is of clinical significance to identify acute disorder of diabetes mellitus including diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperglycemic syndrome. Often the level of acetoacetate in blood is estimated based on the β-HBA determination. Because as an estimate is not always accurate, at diagnotix • •• we choose to determine the acetoacetate level as well.

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