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In development

In development

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diagnotix develops and innovates. Find our products in advances stages of development here and contact us for research samples of these products.

At the moment, the following LC-MS products are in advances stages of development:

Final development stages:

As well as:

  • 5-HIAA, VMA and HVA in urine and Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Cortisol & Dexamethasone
  • Panel Steroids
  • Panel Anti Epileptic Devices
  • Panel Cardiac Drugs

After our first pharmacological panel (Psychofarmaca 1) diagnotix plans to release more soon. We've noticed that current market trends lead to increasing numbers of substances per pharmacological panel. This subsequently leads to rising costs for analysis, as not all offered substances are always needed for analysis. We aim to align our panels to specific demand from healthcare institutions and either offer separate substances, or reducing the number of substances per panel as far as possible for optimal cost-efficiency.

All of our pharmacological panels will utilize the same mobile phases and columns, so these panels can be alternated easily.

For each panel a 6-point calibrator set and a 3-point control set can be provided. With these 9 levels customers can define their calibration line according to their own requirements.

Are you interested in one of these products? Don't hesitate to contact us to find out the possibilities to acquire a research sample.

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