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Total LC-MS/MS solutions

Finding the most suitable solutions for your laboratory is not an easy job. There are many LC-MS/MS manufacturers with many different sensitivity ranges.

Not to mention all of the other necessary components and services from different sources:

  • Gas storage and distribution system (nitrogen, dry air, argon etc. )
  • LC-MS/MS maintenance contract
  • Training of your technicians
  • Implementation of assays
  • Columns and other disposables

And once you have everything up and running… and you run into a problem. Who do you call first, which supplier can assist you best? Diagnotix offers one point of contact to save your valuable time.

You can choose any of these suppliers:

Sciex, Shimadzu, Waters or Restek

What we offer:

  • Optimal configuration for your desired needs
  • Full-service contracts with LC-MS/MS manufacturers
  • Complete validation reports for all assays
  • On site implementation by our experienced LC-MS/MS technicians
  • Training of your staff
  • Option for price per sample
  • New systems provide more possibilities in healthcare
  • Just as cost-effective as operating a UHPLC UV or Fluorescence system
  • Optional: lease an LC-MS/MS system to get started right away and be assured of state-of-the-art technology

Interested in our products?

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