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Our line of (automatic) analyzer products offers high-quality niche products. Which, for most laboratories, are not cost efficient to develop themselves. Because we are able to purchase raw materials in bulk, we pay far less. Making it possible for us to develop a good and affordable solution, so every lab can perform these less common tests themselves.

All our tests can be performed by any analyzer or spectrophotometer with open resources. We can help you write the application, offer additional service when questions or problems emerge or provide a customized test. Customized options range from offering single components, a complete reagents kit or even a complete package with everything you possible need to take measurements. We can even relieve you from the required preparations. Whatever needed, at diagnotix • •• we can always offer you the best possible solution for your laboratory.

Spectrophotometric assays

The complete Pyruvate reagents set or the seperately available components.
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