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LCMS - Methylmalonic acid

Methylmalonic Acid Reagents Set



  • Methylmalonic Acid

At a glance

  • Matrix: serum/plasma
  • Technique: LC-MS/MS
  • Internal Standard: Methylmalonic Acid-D3

Included in kit (300 assays):

  • 1001 CAL M MMA, Calibrator Set (Calibrator 1 – 6), 6 x 2 x 500 µl
  • 1008 M MMA, Internal Standard, 3 x 6 ml
  • 1009 M MMA, Deproteinization Solution, 3 x 55 ml
  • 1010a M MMA, Mobile Phase I, 1 x 500 ml
  • 1011 M MMA, Mobile Phase II, 1 x 300 ml
  • 1012 M MMA, Solvent, 3 x 30 ml
  • 10001 M MMA, Autosampler Washing Solution, 1 x 1000 ml

Methylmalonic acid is an organic acid of which the blood levels are usually raised in case of a B12 deficiency. Adenosylcobalamin – one of the two active forms of B12 – is a cofactor of the enzyme L-methylmalonyl-CoA- mutase, which converts L-methylmalonyl-Coa into succinyl-CoA. If adenosylcobalamin is lacking, excess D-methylmalonyl-CoA (precursor of Lmethylmalonyl-CoA) is converted into methylmalonic acid(MMA) which causes raised blood levels of MMA. In short: a B12 deficiency (usually) causes high MMA. High MMA serum values are also found in people with renal insufficiency, hypovolemia (decreased volume of circulating blood) and intestinal bacterial overgrowth. In these cases MMA levels cannot be used to diagnose B12 deficiency though a B12 deficiency might simultaneously exist. In the case of kidney disease (or hypovolemia) MMA levels in urine can be tested.


Technical data

Applicable for at Least: Waters TQ-Sµ, Shimadzu LC-8050, Sciex Citrine
Limit of Quantification (nmol/l) 33.4
Linearity (nmol/l) 5000
Accuracy Passes (<15% CV)
Simple Precision (CV %) 2.0
Complex Precision (CV %) 4.9
Ionization Electrospray
MS/MS mode Negative
Sample Preparation 100 µl sample → 50 µl IS → 400 µl deprot → centrifuge → evaporate/reconstitute → inject
Preferred Column Acquity UPLC HSS T3 100 A 1,8 µm 2,1 mm x 100 mm
Analysis Time 6 minutes
Flow Rate 0.2 ml/min
Injection Volume 10-20 µl
Validation Report Available Yes

Please Note:

Information as presented freely on this website is not sufficient for proper operation of these medical devices. Please refer to the applicable instructions for use and all accompanying information such as warning notices. All necessary documentation can be found in the download centre section of this website.

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