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LCMS - Methylmalonic acid

Methylmalonic acid reagents set


The MMA Reagents Set from diagnotix • •• determines the concentration of methylmalonic acid in serum, plasma or urine.

To do so, first an organic deproteinization step has to be performed, after which the supernatant is evaporated to dryness and the residue is dissolved again. After this the sample can be measured with a LC-MS. An internal standard of the deuterium labeled MMA will be added to the blood.

The accuracy of the test is guaranteed with a 6-point calibration based on spiked human 0 plasma. This is to simulate the matrix of the samples as much as possible. To be able to continuously guarantee the quality of the test, it is possible to provide a 3-level control with the same matrix.

Markers stated in the SKML surveys are recovered accurately.

Product benefits

  • 6-point calibrator based on spiked human 0 plasma
  • Internal standard with deuterium labeled MMA
  • Deproteinization reagents based on an organic mixture

Clinical relevance

Methylmalonic acid is an organic acid of which increased values are found in blood with a vitamin B12 deficiency. After treatment the MMA levels in the blood will decrease quite rapidly. When comparing these results, it can be determined whether there is a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Increased numbers can also indicate renal dysfunction, hypovolemia (reduced blood volume) and excessive bacterial growth in the intestinal tract.

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